Pour 2014, la rencontre se fera en personne et inclura l'Âlection d'un nouveau comit exÂcutif. He gave some statistics for numbers of practitioners: Japan had.6 million; Korea,.6 million; France, 8000; the US and Chinese Taipei, 5000 each; and Germany, 4000. As for Iaido/Jodo, over 70 applicants applied in the 2011 winter grading which took place in Toronto. Bookmark this page for further details as they become available. Message from the President and Treasurer on Fee

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Increases Posted March 11, 2012 Dear CKF Members, The CKF Board of Directors has recently announced our new fee structure for grading, registration, and the issuance of dan certificates. For registration please contact Marcell Stoer or Allan Nichols 15th WKC - President's Message Posted August 28, 2012 Dear members of the Canadian Kendo community, I would like to first apologize for this belated message and express my gratitude to all of you, members. The deadline for all Western written exams is May. This is the very first shogo Hanshi issued by CKF in its history, for Tsumura-sensei's extraordinary work both past and present. He related that he had visited the Maritime Provinces in January and was well treated by eager practitioners who asked for their own grading rather than have to go to Quebec or Ontario. Motions were passed establishing standing committees for iaido, jodo and history.

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The deadline for the Eastern kendo written exam is June. Sincerely, Kin Tak Ma Chief Instructor, Kendo Etobicoke Kendo Club Edmonton Kendo Club 10th Anniversary Seminar Posted September 13, 2012 The Edmonton Kendo Club will be celebrating its 10th anniversary the weekend of Feb 21-23. I recommend all practitioners pay their dues by the end of January and a dojo sensei or administrator makes sure that both the club member dues and all practitioner dues are paid. Lors de ce sÂminaire, les personnes ayant un 4e dan ou plus seront invit  un atelier portant sur l'Âvaluation des examens. Dojo administrators, please clean up old accounts so that our statistics are accurate. Mu Mon Kai 2012 Iaido Taikai Posted August 7, 2012 Mu Mon Kai, in conjunction with the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, are proud to introduce the 1st Mu Mon Kai Iaido Open Taikai.

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  • Rapport environnemental : bilans relatifs aux rejets gazeux et liquides des installations CEA INB inbs et icpe sur le site de, cadarache - Année 2017.
  • Retrouvez des blagues, citations et sketches de vos humoristes préférés ainsi que les webradios, émissions, podcasts et jeux concours gratuits.
  • Welcome to the CKF web site.
  • We are working to support and promote Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in Canada.
  • Please forward your event notices to us so that we can post them on our events page.

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Winter Exams / Examens d'hiver Updated October 16, 2014 Winter grading registration is open, please check the dates below. Nota bene -. Si vous souhaitez passer un examen, veuillez vous inscrire ds maintenant afin d'viter oublis et dlais. Kunihide Koda Kendo-Kyoshi 8 Dan The seminar will be held January 28-29 in Montreal. From now until Dec 15, 2014, you can send us your images from across the world. There will be an open practice with the men's team held on Sept 11 in conjunction with the Montreal Taikai. Information on qualifications, requirements and fees is available at the grading info page. This event will be used as preparation for a Canadian National Iaido Taikai coming in the near future. Date: 1 septembre 09:00 Date limite d'inscription 24th AoÂt  minuit.

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Compter de l'hiver 2013, la dmonstration du Bokuto ni yoru Kendo kihon waza keiko ho sera exige de tous les candidats au grade ikkyu. Richmond, BC seminar/SÉminaire: 1:00-4:30 pm start/examens: 5:00 pm date: December 7, 2014 deadline/date limite: November 30, 2014 Kitamoto Seminar Reports Posted August 30, 2014 Every year, CKF sends delegate to attend the Foreign Leaders Kendo Seminar in Kitamoto, Japan. Note: applicants are preferred to be 5 dan or higher, although 4 dan applicants will be accepted. Le conseil remercie professeur Wakabayashi et Monsieur Prendergast pour leur travail assidu? Thanks again to all who contributed to the effort to make this happen A couple of policies have been translated into French: coming soon Saskatoon Kendo Exam Posted February 6, 2013 There will be a grading for kendo ikkyu through sandan inclusive held as part. En 2013, nous avons augment de 258 notre nombre de membres. Kata requirements/Katas demands: 1/1er kyu Bokut ni yoru kend kihon waza keik h 1-9 Hon 1/1er dan Kendo no Kata Tachi 1-3 Bon 2/2e dan Kendo no Kata Tachi 1-5 Hon 3/3e dan Kendo no Kata Tachi 1-7 Hon 4/4e dan Kendo no Kata Tachi. Both Ohmi and Cruise Sensei have graciously accepted the responsibility to organize this event for Toronto in Fall 2013. Bryan Asa and Paul Eric Marko Co-Managers Team Canada Fund-Raising and Legacy Support Note to Dojo Leaders: - Please share this email with all members of your dojo Chers membres et partisan(e)s de la CKF, Les 15es Championnats du Monde de Kendo se rapprochent rapidement. Registration begins at 9 am, grading begins at 9:30.

site de rencontre sans facebook moncton