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Eric laughs, telling Michele that his wife is well aware. Eric is used to taking care of everyone else, but today, HE'S the one being taken care. Eric can see that, saying that she taught Michele well. He apologizes with false modesty. Oh, he certainly understands what a nuru massage is, Eric says with a bashful smile. Michele understands and is relieved, now ready to get the massage started. Michele asks him which package his

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wife ordered for him, and he answers that she got him a nuru massage.

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He guesses that this is something that comes with the territory when you're a dad. That's exactly what his wife thought when she bought him this massage, says Eric. He doesn't get out much, so when he sees a beautiful woman like Michele, he just can't help it, Eric jokes. Michele never knew her father. Hearing the word 'wife Michele remembers her earlier skepticism and stops mid-stroke. That must have been tough, Eric sympathizes. 'Sir, I don't know if you understand exactly what a nuru massage is Michele says. He's a stay-at-home dad and he had to get dinner ready for his kids before his wife got home.

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Satisfied with his response, Michele rises, his cock still in her hand, and tells Eric that he's nice and clean. As her stroking gets more intense, Eric lets his head fall back in pleasure, saying that his wife was right, this is doing him a lot of good. Michele is glad to hear that. In the shower, Michele begins to wash Eric. Eric's dick gets hard. Greeting her, he apologizes for being late.

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